The 5th number of Essays in Religious Studies (journal of the Youth Association for the Study of Religions) can be found in examples. This issue is devoted to the memory of Natalia Gavrilova, who tragically died in a car accident in 2013. The section In Memoriam contains her academic biography and bibliography (by O. Kyselov) and Natalia’s article about methodological and methodical approaches in the study of religiousity.

The readers will learn about the state of the art of the study of religions in the Czech Republic (by T. Bubik), cognitive religious studies (translation of H. Whitehouse’s article and article about R. McCauley’s concept of “Maturational Naturalness” by I. Piletskyi). Besides that, this issue might be of interest because of the discussion between D. Shestopalets and O. Mukha about using postmodernist methodology in religious studies, and K. Kolkunova’s article about the social mission of the scholar of religion.

The section Field Studies consists of the article about the problem of the definition of atheism in the context of psychological studies (by I. Yagiyayev) and the experience of T. Krikhtova in research of the Pentecostal groups.

The philosophers might be interested in the article of M. von der Ruhr about Wittgenstein’s attitude to religion.

As usually the journal offers book reviews: on I. Khromets’ book about the anthropology of K. Rahner (by M. Cherenkov), I. Zabaev’s book about the “economic ethic” in Russian Orthodoxy (by O. Kyselov), on the Belorussian journal Sektovedenie (Study of Sects) (by A. Leschinsky, on collection of papers about Vaishnavism (by V. Ageyev), on the first volume of A. Arjakovsky’s book about the Pan-Orthodox council (by I. Korniichuk). Besides that the journal contains information about the institutions, which celebrated their 55th, 50th and 10th anniversaries last year: religious studies department of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, department of culturology of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University and the Youth Association for the Study of Religions accordingly.

Eventually the reader can find information about the religious studies books published in 2011-2013 and about the Ph.D. thesis in religious studies, defended in 2012-2013 in Ukraine.

You can download the PDF file for editorial board, issue content in Ukrainian and English and editorial foreword.

The book deals with analysis of Christian ecumenism phenomenon, its sources and reasons, forms, confessional and regional peculiarities. Research of ecumenical situation in Central and Eastern Europe, in particular establishing of ecumenical relations in Ukraine, take a considerable place in the book.
The book is intended for researchers, lecturers, post-graduate students, students, theologians and wide public.

Кисельов О.С. Феномен екуменізму в сучасному християнстві. - К.: Національний педагогічний університет імені М.П.Драгоманова, 2009. - 133 с. (Title and Content (PDF) (Download full text (Djvu)